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2016 has been a year of allowing the voice inside our hearts, to be heard outside our heads. Music is a funny thing, you create from within yet have to battle yourself in finding its life. Pure forms of expression are hard to come by but when felt, are second to none, the true essence of life.

When endeavouring to record an album, never did we realise the level of excitement, stress, love and frustration involved. This year has been littered with little sparks of inspiration, bursting into flames on the record and giving fuel for our live show.

Whale Song was written on my mother’s piano, the music lay bare at 2am to a very real life situation calling myself out to be truly fearless in pursuit of this voice in my heart. Now we see these songs being played across the world and finding a place in peoples lives (and even being etched into their skin!).

We’re proud of ourselves for working hard and playing as much as we can. We’ve filled your lounge room floor, we’ve drunk wine under West Australian constellations, helped clean-up after a French wedding feast, poured our hearts out on stages barely fit to stand on and had more on-flight cocktails (the Singapore Sling is a personal fav) than you can imagine.

Over the years we’ve taken on different forms, changed appearances and shifted roles. Wielding honesty, we lay bare what we feel and endeavour to break down barriers between artist and audience. This sense of oneness has been and always will be the backbone of the band.

2016 has been about our new album, 2017 we go back to our roots, the live show…..

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