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While the seas may have appeared calm upon Caravãna Sun’s ocean for the past few months, we are all in for the storm of a lifetime. Our sails are set for the horizon in search of distant community’s to harvest our one true love, the live show. Revisiting our most loved places and making maiden voyages to others, along with a new single we are pleased to bring the love for touring back into our lives and be performing right across the vast stretch of Australia.

When willingly throwing yourself behind something worth believing in, it’s an almost certainty that you’ll come face to face with the jaws of fear. Through our process of writing, recording and producing, we now have made an album of which we are truly proud and can’t even begin to say how excited we are to show you all. Pulling strength from all members in the band, it’s sure to find a place in your record collection upon it’s release this July.

EYE OF THE STORM is the debut single release from our new album GUERRILLA CLUB. In true Caravãna style, we took to the ocean armed with a camera and a handful of seasick tablets. Out to capture a moment, we battled 8-foot seas in a rickety old sea shanty girl, waited for the sun to drop and proceeded to jump in the water! Diving below the surface we hoped to catch a glimpse of the magic that the ocean hides in the depths of night. Through our shivering hands, we are now pleased to present our new video for Eye Of The Storm.

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