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 Whale song

Whale Song is a heartfelt and solemn ode to migration, change and movement for one to become fearlessly themselves. Honest, real, and raw in an age of over-saturation, the song bares all. 

Aerialist performer - Christina Zauner

Edited by Michelle Moore

 Whale song - piano version

Whale Song performed intimately by Ant Beard on his grandmother's 100-year-old piano by candle light, completely live.

Filmed & edited by Michelle Moore

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Ken Allars

Concept by Ant Beard


'Open Up' from the new album Guerrilla Club.


A huge thanks to Terry Hunter, Terry Hunter Jnr, Trey Hunter, George Bishop, Adam Haynes and all at Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm.


Directed & filmed by Steve Wall


Concept by Ant Beard


'Eye of the Storm' from the new album Guerrilla Club.

Directed & filmed by Steve Wall •

Produced by Ant Beard

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